Frequently Asked Question

Three simple steps :

1. Make your order online - chose to buy once or subscribe to fortnightly or monthly deliveries.

2. We then bake, freeze and deliver directly to your door, ready to pop straight into your freezer. Our products will last in your freezer for up to 3 months.

3. Pack straight into your lunchbox and let defrost in the fridge overnight.

We currently deliver to the suburbs of;

  • Alexandria, 2015
  • Erskineville, 2043
  • Marrickville, 2204
  • Newtown & Enmore, 2042
  • St Peters, Sydenham, Tempe, 2044

If you would like us to add your suburb to the delivery schedule please email us on

One of the hacks we believe makes lunchboxes easier is the "bake box" - a freezer box full of goodies ready to pop straight into the lunchbox. Our pack sizes are designed to fill up your bake box, allow you to provide a few servings of each item per lunchbox and should last you 2-4 weeks. We know that kids like variety and are unlikely to eat the same thing every day, so we have endeavored to provide a variety of items that you can pick and chose with your child each day to keep them interested.

We deliver on Thursday evenings and Sunday mornings, and pick up is currently available from Park Street in Erskineville on Friday afternoons between 3.30 - 4.30pm. The ordering cut off for delivery on Thursday and pick up on Friday is Tuesday at 8pm. The ordering cut off for delivery on Sunday is Thursday at 8pm. All our food is baked fresh to order and then frozen.

Subscriptions are available for a recurring fortnightly or monthly delivery of your chosen products. You receive a discounted price for all products that you set a subscription up for.

Subscriptions are automatically renewed according to your selected delivery interval and the products will be automatically delivered by us at your preferred delivery time after each successful renewal.

You can add products, pause, skip, reschedule or cancel subscriptions at any time you want - when you set the subscription up you'll receive a link to a customer portal that will allow you to manage this.

Most of our food is frozen straight after being prepared and delivered to your doorstep frozen, ready to put straight in the freezer. We believe this then allows you to pick and choose what you want to include in your child's lunchbox each and every day providing variety and appealing to their tastes. There are a few exceptions where we believe freezing impacts the quality, texture or taste of the product, such as gummies. In this instance, the product will be made on the same day as delivery and we will recommend storing in the fridge and consuming within the advised timeframe.

Sustainability is important to us. We are thriving to source and use sustainable packaging wherever possible. We use eco-friendly Biopak containers made from rapidly renewable, responsibly sourced resources. Our food boxes are made from FSC™ recycled certified paper (which means the paper is recycled – no new trees cut!). These containers are suitable for composting and recyclable in kerb-side recycling if not too soiled with food (we recommend giving a quick wipe down before adding to the yellow bin). Our jam containers are made from a blend of sugarcane pulp and other plant fibres like wood and bamboo (otherwise known as 'bagasse') which are an eco-friendly alternative to plastic. We are always striving to improve the sustainability of our packaging.

All our food is prepared without nuts and we have a range of products that are baked without gluten, grains, eggs or dairy. It is important to note however that our food is prepared in a kitchen that also processes food that contains gluten, grains, eggs, dairy and nuts so we cannot guarantee that there will not be traces. If you have any questions about dietary requirements and allergens please contact us on

Eating local is not only better for the environment, it is also tastier and healthier. We endeavour to source as many of our ingredients locally as we can. We purchase Australian grown and made where possible, utilise local markets for our seasonal fruits and vegetables, and use Australian free range eggs.

Currently, all our food is prepared, cooked and stored in our council approved home kitchen. We are Certified by the City of Sydney as a Home Kitchen and by NSW Food Authority to handle food safely and hygienically.